• SEC softgel Technology, the origin of softgel technology in China from 1986, established the first softgel technical service platform in China, over 35 years softgel fill encapsulation line machines and die roll tooling manufacturer, we are committed to providing more timely, more high-quality, more professional equipment, die roll molds and technical services for animal and veggie soft capsule manufacturers in industries of Pharmaceutical, Health Supplement, Cosmetics, Paintball etc., which is SEC's business philosophy, SEC adhere to the mission of “realization of product value, promoting industry progress, and pursuing perfect excellence”, providing services for soft capsule production enterprises:


    New plant design and Clean workshop Design, GMP Authentication;
    Soft capsule production equipment Model Selection and Optimization;
    Soft capsule production Process Training and Technical Support;
    Equipment Maintenance;
    Easy damage parts Manufacture and Supply;
    Die roll tooling Capacity Optimization;
    Softgel active ingredients and excipients Selling.

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  • SEC Softgel Technology





    The Brand born for the most professional softgel production technology,


    and the most practical reliable forefront softgel encapsulation machines!





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SEC have been maintaining the technical communication and technology exploration with the senior experts in soft capsule production enterprises for long years since start, platform team persons continue to have first-line production research thoroughly, and together with the production enterprises to have solved a large amount of “difficult diseases” that encountered during production process and soft capsule encapsulation.



With dozens of softgel encapsulation machines and lines manufacture supply annually, SEC have set up many offices in provinces of China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu etc., and overseas of head in USA (San Francisco, CA 94111) and others of Europe, Middle East, Australia, South American etc., the platform technicians have been engaging in soft capsule production for more than 15-30 years, highly capable of providing better technical guidance and training services for soft capsule production enterprises in each technical process like material preparation, gelatin melting, soft capsule encapsulation, drying, quality tracking etc.



By using SEC modern and advanced technology, down-to-earth and dare to innovate, SEC are working and will continue working to bring our products, services, experiences and technology

to share and support for each customers, to create the WIN-WIN prospect together!


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This is SEC team, passion, positive and patient work, warmly welcome to SEC world!

SEC always work from the customer's point of view, provide the most optimized machines for customer's best performance production. We are famous in domestic, but not in international, its time for SEC now, we appreciate and thank you for your strong and continuous support, we welcome for your suggestions and questions!








Hello! Science and Technology are the primary productive forces, we keep surpassing ourselves, by absorbing the most precious first-line user feedback and repeated experiement on each data to keep improving for perfection.

We care every small questions from customers's each operator at manufacture site, smooth, safe and stable production with high yield and good quality softgel is the purpose.


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Welcome to SEC!

Each softgel touches my heart, since founded, the key of SEC work is quality yield of every one softgel. SEC will continue on most forefront and practical softgel encapsulation machines and auxiliary equipments developing, providing complete technical support for users's more than expect use experience and less cost lean production.