• Softgel Sealing

    Animal gelatin softgel:

    first sealing 80%, second sealing 50%;


    Tapioca Starch vegetable softgel:

    first sealing 70%, second sealing 40%. 


    Its realized by the different strucure key parts on machine and better process parameters control. Especially for suspension powder high viscosity fill.

  • Size of Finished Softgel

    Shrink rate is different from fresh encapsulated softgel to after drying that comparing the animal softgel and tapioca starch softgel, SEC has made vast tests of all various fill to guarantee the required size for finished dried softgel, no need to make extra blister pack mold.

  • Equipment Test

    From the softge main encapsulation machine, to auxiliary equipments, on the highly reputated original base structure, SEC keeps improving each equipment detail structure to make them more feasible for users's nowaday's production with better quality softgel yield. For example, user can make easily tapioca starch veggie softgel encapsulation on same machine of animal gelatin.

R&D Center

Every data and every suggestion are rigorous checked by many experiments again and again on both our manufacture site and also the user's first line production site, providing guarantee for our quality equipments and good softgel encapsulated.

SEC has been doing huge of prepare and home work, in order to provide the safe stable and high performance equipments with practical model selection suggestions, a protection for customer's more confident and less wastage of better production.