Strong Advantages

World Class High Quality, from better material 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, high corrosion resistance and long lasting durability.

Process data Improve, Superior injection wedge Heat Control, Smooth surface Free from any scratches, to make gelatin sticking impossible, easier release of formed capsule and good seaming of every soft capsule.

Teflon coated wedges in either brass or aluminum are available for both water recirculation or electric heating and all lengths.

2 weeks Fast

Delivery Time

Professional In Time Technical support of Production Process, ensuring increased output capacity and better seal of your softgel capsules.

Available for all our softgel machines, as well as other manufacturers's softgel machines.


World BIGGEST Softgel die roll mold Manufacturing Plant, with 10 sets 4-axis 5-axis CNC machines.

The die roll set for softgel (its also called softgel tooling) that we manufacture are not only good for main encapsulation machine made from domestic China but also good for main machine made by other manufacturers such as Korea, Japan, European suppliers, Canada, America, Italy etc.. After over 35 years, we have the State of the Art technology and rich first line actual encapsulation experience to have their production and test the stability, to make sure smoothly operation in daily use, with good softgel seal ensured and higher RPM output...currently we are manufacturing more than 1000 sets a year and in largely growing: single step, double step, triple step, (bi-lip, tri-lip, 2 step, 3 step), max cavity, max seal, surface anodizing / bead blasting etc..


Until now over 200 types softgel shapes sizes have been designing, we shall be the world best design expert of softgel shape according to user's idea combining actual softgel production to finally make sure user successful manufacture the vivid shape of finished dry softgel. 

Cutting of die roll is decided by the chamfer and excircle grinding technology from the die roll manufacturer, the "concentric and positioning" excircle grinding technology researched by our company has been getting highly praised from softgel manufacturing factory. This technology ensure die roll quality requirements to concentric degree and vertical degree, under the normal operation, effectively prevent the happening of not smooth die roll cutting, to make gelatin sticking impossible and easier release of the formed soft capsule, at the same time prolong service life of softgel die roll. 

4. Cutting & Ex-circle Grinding Technology of Die Roll

Material of softgel die roll is superior high quality aviation hard aluminum alloy, proper material selection can ensure the die roll without deformation during production process, especially it requires to ensure material itself stability after production, so to ensure the service life of softgel die roll. Its main indicators are: aluminum alloy high composition and even, strong resistance to stretch, good toughness, wear resistance, not easy deformation.

3. Raw Material of Die Roll Mold

The softgel die roll mold processing equipment is high precision four axis linkage CNC center, precision and stability of the production equipment will directly effect quality of softgel die roll. Quality of softgel die roll is the best standard to evalute precision of production equpimnet, every set of softgel die roll, its quality can be on the production equipment, with condition of high quality high precision tooling condition, reasonable selection production process, to ensure the precision of manufactured softgel die roll.

2. Die Roll Requirements to its Processing equipment.

5. Veggie Softgel Die Roll Mold and Irregular shape Die Roll Mold

Selection of imported high strength, small specification cutter, solved irregular die roll cavity edge and corner proper transition, making the irregular softgel appearance edge and corner more beautiful, it has been successfully realizing the application of irregular softgel die roll production. Main shapes for example tube shape, fish shape, suppository shape, water drop shape, calabash shape, racket shape, animal type, fruit type etc., we are able to well produce the irregular softgel die roll according to the design from customer.

1. Precision guarantee        and surface treatment

Three-coordinate measuring instrument, it measures the coaxiality of the die roll, the verticality of the hole and the end.


Surface treatment of anodizing or automatic bead blasting, support for the higher performance.