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Softgel Production A to Z

Higher Sealing Rate

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Veggie & Starch Softgel

Suspension herbal powder softgel
Practical Science & Technology


Over 35 Years

Knowledge & Manufacture
Softgel Encapsulation Machines
Aerospace Military Technology


Biggest Die Roll Plant 

Patent 3 Steps & Sand Blasting

Manufacturing for

All world Softgel Machines


World Biggest Die Roll Set Manufacturer


SEC manufacture the die roll set for the world end users pharmaceutical, supplement, paintball and cosmetic softgels on their softgel machine from Italy, Japan, China, North Korea, India, American, Canada etc., and also OEM. 

By own patented technology and different production process, 10 sets 5 axis 4 axis imported equipment, SEC has the world leading precision and best alignment, highly increased sealing rate. The faster delivery time helps for production and quality, reduced consumption and wastage.


What is SEC Technical Platform?


Above 60% domestic share and World 1000+ happy customers, Manufacturing and Supplying:

1. Softgel Encapsulation Machine Line & Die Roll
2. Veggie gel Raw Material (origin)
3. Know-how Teach & Training guidance

    for Vgel and Animal Suspension Softgel production
4. Solution and Training for Softgel Production Process
5. Intelligent Clean Workshop Plant Design and

    GMP authentication
6. Easy damage parts and Spare parts
7. Repair & Renew Die Roll Set & Softgel Machine




SEC support for the successful softgel production with user's own formula and output high quality softgel no bubble, leakage etc., always work sincerely and high efficiently in time, have the result more than customer’s expect, SEC equipments and softgel production technology always speak for itself, customer choose the long term and closely relationship with SEC after the 1st times working.

Working with innovative developing, delicate and detailed to bring our product, technology and experience to support SEC's every customer for mutual benefit!