Leakage happens only in Summer for Lecithin softgel, Suspension calcium softgel

Recent typical cases of SEC technical support, its for the lecithin softgel and suspension calcium softgel leakage. its a user with softgel production all well in other seasons but leakage happeningly only in Summer. Their softgels are good when newly encapsulation and shaping and drying, but leakage 3 days after that. Videos as following are showing the improved softgel produced after SEC team around 1 week following on first-line production with 3 batches.




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Most softgel manufacturers will have their production less or no in Summer to avoid the leakage and related quality problem. In summer, the environment is different with other seasons like winter. Even its humidity and temperature are control inside the workshop, but humidity high and temperature high in environment, it makes the room controlled temperature and humidity rising fast, I.E. temperature and humidity not stable. While in other seasons like in winter, its relatively stable at the set temperature and humidity. 


  • Softgel seaming rate testing

​​​​​​​Softgel seaming rate is the factor to improve the leakage, the testing equpment microscope is necessary for each softgel manufacturer for quality track during production and after finished products both. With the right data on hand, seaming rate can be effectively improved. Seaming rate is low for most leakage softgels.


  • Gelatin melting Parameter

According to the condition in summer, making some adjustment on the gelatin melting process and parameter, to help for better seaming rate.​​​​​​​


  • Gelatin mass Formula

Lecithin has feature of water absorption, after lecithin soft capsule stored for a time, it will absorb the water in gelatin skin, longer time of lecithin soft capsule stored, hardness of lecithin soft capsule is higher, under the condition that very high hardness, lecithin soft capsule leakage at sealing location will happen. Formula adjustment on the gelain mass can improve effectively, and how to adjust exactly, it depends on the season and production condition.


  • Right structure of softgel die roll tooling

In order to have the softgel output high seaming rate with better quality and beautiful appearance, the softgel die roll tooling set should be some different on its working fill content. Customization softgel die roll tooling on user's formula is helping customers for much better encapsulated softgel quality according to SEC rich experiences and user's feedbacks.



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