Softgel Polishing: Why almost all users feedback Tumbler polisher is better than Pan polisher

From softgel manufacturers who work with pan polisher and tumbler polisher both, almost all of them feedback that tumbler polisher is much better in performance and operation for softgel polishing. Even pan polisher has much less cost, tumbler polisher is still preferrable.


Tumbler Softgel polishing machine, appearance reference



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Tumbler softgel polishing machine, it can be one basket, 2 baskets, 3 or 4 baskets etc., depend on the user requirement, similar shape as the tumbler dryer for softgel shaping and drying, while it has different and more functions suitable for polishing.


Pan Softgel polishing machine, appearance reference


Both pan softgel polishing machine and tumbler softgel polishing machine are speed adjustable, softgels in the pan or tumbler basket can be complete and discharged in 8-10 minutes, differences are:


  • Capacity per times in pan is 20kgs. 
  • Capacity per times in tumbler basket is 50kgs.


  • Around 6 polishing cloth with alcohol sprayed on, to put into pan for once polishing.
  • Around 8 polishing cloth with alcohol sprayed on and hanging on tumbler basket body.

(polishing cloth is recyclable for use, according to the cloth condition, again spray alcohol to make cloth wet if the cloth is dry).


  • When discharging well polished softgel, extra tool is required to take out softgels from pan by hand manually in several times.
  • Tumbler basket discharge the well polished softgel automatically by tumbler basket itself.


  • Tumbler basket polisher can make softgel polishing more even than pan polisher, with higher quality polished softgel.


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