Softgel encapsulation machine line design manufacture Turnkey solution

Softgel encpasulation production line, it includes normally gelatin melting cooking, material mixing preparation, encapsulation, shaping and drying, sorting and inspection, on the user requirement, further functions on the line can be color mixing, circulation homogenizer emusifying, colloid milling, softgel coating, softgel printing, softgel polishing, microscope softgel sealing test, softgel water content test etc., available equipment can be standard automatic and intelligent full automatic. 



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Complete different with the hard capsule or tablet, soft capsule production process can be many modes on the fill content feature and softgel formula. Whole softgel encapsulation production equipment line on the normal pure oil fill content is the most basic mode, to design and make a proposal for each user on their exact production plan is a test to softgel machine manufacturer. 


  • Gelatin cooking/melting

Currently starch veggie (mainly tapioca), carrageenan sea gel veggie, animal gelatin are the main types. Its euqipment configuration is almost complete different on each type, this is decided by the product feature. Besides, how fast should it complete cooling/melting, how many times per day, how to keep the well cooked/melted gelatin fresh and high quality for encapsulation, how to reduce the gel mass wastage in feeding tank and how to let as more as possible gel mass in feeding tank for available softgel forming. 


  • Material mixing homogenizer emulsifying preparation

​​​​​​​This process has the most possibilities, it varies from material chamical feature and phycisal feature both. The target to have each material in most fine particel and most even mixed is simple, while how to realize this target, its a big test. It requires the knowledge on each various material itself, knowledge on whether reaction between material and softgel shell, knowledge on how to mill it in most fine particle, knowledge to keep its active ingredients during process, konwledge on sequence of each material for its mixing, konwledge on available equipment to work on each material. Typical example that vitamin material is heat sensitive and its milling by normal equipment will generate heat mostly and deccrease the active ingredient composition in vitamin material. 


  • Shaping and drying

​​​​​​​Shaping and drying are quite easier comparing with preparation process, even though, a lot users have the softgel leakage problems during tumbler dryer shaping and drying. Its the best way always to control and manage to have better sealing rate from preparation and encapsulation, diffrent setting on tapioca veggie softgel  etc., faster drying with high quality softgel dried is always the softgel manufacturer pursuing purpose. Accordingly various equipment and devices available to meet the need, even on simple device of softgel drying tray, it has tray without hole, and tray with hole. Tray for softgel drying purpose is different with other normal food use, its concave and softgel contact surface reasonable design can help for more beautiful shape formed and higher efficiency drying. 


  • Sorting and inspection

​​​​​​​The most ideal way is to not have sorting and inspection way, every capsules are controlled well from preparation, encapsulation, shaping and drying process. In China, the biggest transparent supplement factory is doing this on their most often softgel products manufacturing, this is by the softgel technology and team work. Sorting is to sort the softgel in right dimension, to take out the unqualified dimension softgel by machine autoamtically, inspection can be by people manually or machine camera automatically to inspec the appearance spot etc. this is also necessary step for every qualified softgel delivered to end consumer.


  • Color mixing, softgel polishing, softgel washing, softgel printing, softgel coating...

​​​​​​​Soft capsule manufacturing is effected by many factores, much more than any other dosage form, when design and consider a new softgel encapsultion manufacture line, its easy to miss some important factors even for a very skilled design engineer. Communication of the user requirement clearly informed, and dedicate working with heart by skilled design engineer are so important for such a project success. Because of the too many possibiilty of production, price of softgel manufacture line offer from each supplier is big difference, its hard or even impossible for new users to distinguish the diffrence of each line offer on its configuration and quantity, new user mostly purely compare the total line cost and regret or find big inconvenience or require to purchase more items after production start, really good quality and durable machine can be distinguished even only after several years manufacture.


Its good softgel encapsulation machine and production equipment without big repairing for at least 10 years, and the most important for better whole softgel manufacture machine line project is to find the right person partner real professional, right team with skilled experience for the project supplying.​​​​​​​


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