Explosion proof fill material mixing preparation integrated system, custom design, modularization making


Look at the photo, its the newly complete manufacture of explosion proof fill material mixing preparation integrated system, its custom design on user requirement specification, made by modularization.


This system has all part of functsions integrated together, more convenient, and its required total workshop space can be less, save space. This type integrated system by modilarization, it includes all the pipes and inner cables in the system that designed and manufactured on user demand, making the whole system as form of single machine, largely reduce the onsite installation work at user site, or we can say it has almost no further work of onsite installation, like the softgel encapsulation machine that it can directly work with utility connected  compressed air and electricity etc. which has no further installation work, especially under the current covid-19 virus pandemic international background, its hard or some user sites impossible to have SECP technicians to traval abroad, this system is different with some systems that combined by two small parts for example medicine injection filling system or GMP clean workshop building etc. which are impossible to start work without supplier's technicians guidance. By such integrated system, its not required for the user to understand how and where for its working and principle, simply connect utility and start work according to the mark and steps. 


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Such integrated system is good for all the related softgel fill material mixing preparation system or softgel shell gelatin melting system, making them modularization, user can simply start working after water/liquid and electricity connected. While sure in order to make this system modularization, user and supplier have to communicate well in advance before manufacturing to make sure that user workshop space is good on placing this integrated system and no need to dismount this integrated system for installation after it arrives user site. 


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