Nifuratel vaginal medicine softgel oval 26 suspension paste big fill volume 1600ml trailing edge seal 66.6% on servo encapsulation machine SEC-106S

Almost all vaginal / suppository softgel has its fill suspension, some even qutie paste, big fill around 1500mg, bigger specific gravity than normal fill, on the fill material feature, its mostly quite hard to have good seal of encapsulated softgel, a lot softgel manufacturers have its leak even during encapsulation. 


On client's market, its shape is mostly suppository or also oval, more test on encapsulation operation and technical process setting when suppository shape, mostly oval is the easiest manufacturing shape for softgel.

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On this type suspension fill of vaginal medicine softgel, or even some of fill is hydrophilic, ribbon thickness is recommended to be bigger than normal oil fill, and when suppository shape, the correct design of the shaping mold die roll is the key to manufacture right shape with good seal high quality encapsulated softgel. Even on oval shape, correct design structure of the shaping mold die roll can help to guarantee no leak and higher RPM with good seal. 



The yellow opaque medicine softgel is Nifuratel softgel, its fill is suspension and not easy for almost all manufacturers to do its good seal because of the fill feature, there are only several manufacturers in China domestic for this medicine softgel, all of them use SEC encapsulation machine with our technical support for their high quality softgel. Every SEC encapsulation machine has the each part by material suitable and good resistance of shape changing to help for more stable smooth encapsulation on any suspension or paste or special fill of softgel, some of materials are top one in China local, some of them are imported, this shall be one of important reasons that almost all medicine factories prefer our encapsulation machine. 



As video showing its operating on the servo system encapsulation machine SEC-106S, shape size oval 26, running stable 2-3RPM, with good seal 66.6% trailing edge, beautiful seal line. 


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