How to make enteric softgel capsule with no leak and pass the required gastro test

Enteric coated softgel capsule is for its releasing not in gastro, and only release in intestine, this is one type of softgel capsule with special purpose. There are mostly two ways to make enteric coated softgel capsule.


The traditional way and most often way is to firstly make the softgel capsule as normal, then do its coating sprayed by the coating machine, this coating machine is the same type machine working for tablet and capsule, its important to have a high quality spraying gun to make the even spraying and coating. Besides, before coating, the softgel surface shall be dried and without oil. Polishing or washing process is necessary for this step. 



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Another way is to make the softgel one step directly by the enteric coated type gelatin material, EC gelatin material, which is added the material with function of enteric in the gelatin material, manufacturer of raw material gelatin will have some notices for softgel manufacturers how to do its melting and how to encapsulate well, for example make double step die roll, special structure of the step, bigger ribbon thickness etc. 



However, these recommended datas from gelatin raw material manufacturer can be a direction and reference, for finally to get a high quality enteric coated softgel directly manufactured by this EC gelatin, technology of die roll with correct designing and rich experience encapsulation knowledge can help to guarantee the no leak, high seal rate, qualified gastro test of every output softgel, depend on the fill condition, different structure of double step or triple step shall be. SEC team has been doing the cases with all manufactured softgels successful passed the gastro test, and very firm seal that 75% down seal and 55% up seal. 


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