Hot! Biggest seal rate of starch veggie softgel on both leading edge and trailing edge by the technology and veggie triple die roll tooling from SEC

Just complete the industry inner big activity, manufacturing various batches starch veggie softgel capsule by different technics and veggie die roll tooling comparing with all the available world and also all China different suppliers, its made by a large softgel manufacturers in China who have many softgel encapsulation machine lines including servo system, high speed, suspension fill, medicine fill with PEG etc., below is the testing data on by SEC starch veggie softgel technics and SEC triple veggie softgel die roll tooling:


Batch No./Item

Seal rate on softgel leading edge Seal rate on softgel railing edge
No.1 66.67% 56.91%
No.2 59.64% 60.35%
No.3 72.57% 63.83%
No.4 48.47% 70.26%
No.5 46.63% 109.13%
No.6 61.93% 89.50%


This is the biggest seal rate on both leading edge and trailing edge of starch veggie softgel during this inner competition activity, every small improvement on a high level requires more technology, developing and frist line production etc., SEC is doing this continuously, and always improving each small for the better softgel product encapsulated.


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Look at the below photo on appearance of the starch veggie softgel, it has beautiful look of the seal line, currently a lot quality problem of starch veggie softgel is on the ugly seal and softgel appearance, serious leak or leak even in tumbler dryer, low RPM, too long time drying etc., technics and capability to cook the good starch veggie gelatin mass is the key and important base for the qualified starch veggie softgel encapsulated, by correct parameter setting, operation adjustment to have all in good balance on the correct structure of veggie softgel encapsulation machine and die roll tooling (heart of the softgel encapsulation), the big seal rate will support for no leak starch veggie softgel, congratulations that the target to have starch veggie softgel encapsulation production same easy as animal softgel is near again.



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