Why do your manufactured starch veggie softgel leak, series 1 of analysis from gel mass transferring

Veggie softgel by pure tapioca starch material for the softgel shell is regarded as the pure veggie product, different with carrageenan that is still source from sea which is not environment protection, while most softgel manufacturers don't like to manufacture pure starch veggie softgel because of it has many requirements of controlling or limit during whole production, and a lot quality problem happens easily like leaking, low RPM encapsulation speed, too long drying time etc., accordingly to some reports that along with much more population of Muslim than before and their much bigger birth rate, also on the current big background that global environment protection, softgel manufacturers who have capability or courage to insist on this pure starch veggie softgel manufacturing would get the more market share in future and more market competitiveness, at the same time operators who have good skills or experiences in starch veggie softgel production will have higher value on his career. Different with hard capsule or tablet whose operation are all the same between batches, softgel encapsulation bewteen batches have some differences still even all others are the same like product formula, material, equipment, operation people and machine, process etc., after pandemic control, SECP team will come to your side for the onsite guiding and your successful starch veggie manufacturing, while even now for online teaching via various ways, SECP teach new softgel manufacturers successfully realized their qualified starch veggie softgel manufactured.



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How to improve quality of manufactured starch veggie softgel, quality of melted gelatin mass is one of the main key, viscosity and water composition are the main evaluation datas for quality of melted gelatin mass. (it has less effect whether softgel manufacturers have the tester for viscosity and water composition when animal softgel manufacturing, because of the quite developed skill more than half a century and stable quality of animal gelatin, a lot skilled or experienced operator can feel the correct viscosity data or moisture data by hand checking, while its around over a decade developing for starch veggie softgel and still in developing of starch veggie material etc., datas of every batch by viscometer and rapid moisture water tester are very necessary). Viscosity and water composition tested on every batch will prove that the quality of melted gel mass has some difference even same formula, same process, same parameter setting, same people same machine, water and humidity are the main effect factors for veggie softgel encapsulation. 


Starch veggie softgel will have stronger seal and easier encapsulation operation if less viscous of melted gelatin mass, feature of the starch itself has very big viscous, it requires correct step sequence and process to melt less visous starch veggie gelatin mass and at the same time to have the gelatin mass well soluble enough. With less visous of melted starch veggie gelatin mass, stronger seal will help for largely reducing leaking possibility, higher die roll RPM encapsulation, well cut release starch veggie softgel from die roller etc., while at the same time it has higher configuration/structure requirement on each equipment to realize its production. Currently the starch veggie softgel main manufacturers on the market mostly have some years history, who have several lines of animal softgel encapsulation machine with years and also limit workshop area. New softgel manufacturers who can have the new machine line specially with capability of starch veggie softgel manufacturing, they will have more advantages in higher quality starch veggie softgel, less production cost, less wastage, more beautiful and full of variety starch veggie softgel types. 


This series its about the starch veggie gelatin mass transferring tank, most of softgel production is still by transferring tank to transfer melted gel mass from melter room to encapsulation room, especially for the starch veggie gelatin. With less viscous of melted veggie gelatin mass, configuration/structure of this starch veggie gelatin mass transferring tank shall be different with this tank for animal softgel gelatin mass. 


1, Pressure locker to lock the lid onto tank body



Different with normal locker, its easy shape changed when work with the less viscous melted starch veggie gelatin mass by users' over/wrong operating in order to get the production purpose, and will lead to not tight lock of gelatin transferring tank/holding tank/service tank. As below photo the shape changed normal locker, its still a good protection as only its shape changed, instead of lid flying out which would possible lead to people injury or accident, this is made by SECP customized mold with strengthened treatment which could have capability of more protection.



2. With enough capable castor/wheels to have the transferring tank easy moving.



3. Butterfly valve for clients in all countries comply with GMP requirement.



4. Less port on lid for the longer service life and tight seal.



5. With enough ports of all possible requirement during production transferring, safety valve, vacuum meter, pressure adjust valve etc. are all equipped.



6. Special type well sealed and detachable sight glass and light unit, help for realizing the flexible melted gelatin mass transferring to improve the gel mass quality.



7. With jacket and heating on lid as well, help for almost all gel mass in tank including the tank bottom gelatin mass qualified to be encapsuled into high quality starch veggie softgel, this improve the whole batch starch veggie softgel quality and at the same time largely reduce the wastage for lower production cost. At the same time the temperature adjuster by knob instead of temperature displayer can have the more durable on this simple function part. 



Dedicating in the better design and manufacture equipment for softgel manufacturer's easier production of starch veggie softgel, its what SECP is doing all the time, even on such a simple transferring tank, SECP has improved a lot details and have final whole tank complete different with others, at the same time the full automatic gel mass and medicine material product transferring via intelligent system and pipe system that SECP design and manufacture would be the ceiling of this industry globally, I.E. top technology in the world, below photos are the pipe system whose welding by automatic weld machine instead of people manually, its better and quicker welding than manually which meets requiremnet of automatic transferring pipe system.




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