Softgel machine lubrication oil filter roller, small part but big effect on softgel shape, drying, bubble, cost...

Lubrication oil filter roller, its the parts on softgel encapsulation machine, its installation location is near the die roll, working on gelatin ribbon before its entering into die roll and injection wedge segment, how important it is, should it be changed, and when should it be changed, its mostly not awared by softgel manufacturers even with quite rich experiences 20 or 30 years history.



Example softgel quality problem as above is the bad shape for oblong softgel. Lubrication oil on gelatin ribbon is one of the main factor.



Example quality problem of bubble in softgel, this is very often for the machine newly starting when adjusting the operation, its no problem if no bubble in produced softgel after the first phase adjusting. While if bubble still exists in softgels during all production, there will be a lot factors and it should be checked all the passing parts from material until the softgel formed, and lubrication oil is one of them.




Lubrication oil roller as above left photo, it looks quite dirty, while it is still working and avaialble to have the lubrication oil filtering out, its problem is not enough lubrication oil from this dirty old roller, and the filtering out lubrication oil is not evenly on the ribbon, besides on structure of this old softgel encapsulation machine, the filtering exit is only at one end, the condition of lubrication oil not evenly on ribbon is worse on such only one end exit structure. 


Lubrication oil roller as above middle photo, it looks some dirty also, while its filtering lubrication oil is working well, more important is that its lubrication oil is filtered out from two ends of roller on structure of this softgel encapsulation machine.


As above right photo, it has enough lubrication oil on gelatin ribbon, there is oil line at location of ribbon entry wedge.



Generally which softgel quality problems would happen caused by the improper lubrication oil roller, let's summary:

  • Bad shape, not enough and not even locating of lubrication oil on ribbon, this phenomenon is happening more on the old softgel encapsulation machine, softgel manufacturer is not aware of its required change or improvement, its also effect by the old machine structure. 
  • Bubble in softgel, as above video its showing the enough lubrication oil on ribbon which makes the oil line at location of ribbon entry into injection wedge, two oil lines at both locations left and right ribbon entry into injection wedge segment are necessary during whole production, especially for the starting phase adjusting, less lubrication oil on ribbon can be adjusted after its stable production to have the balance state.
  • Longer drying time, not enough lubrication oil on ribbon will bring a series of softgel quality problems, the same that if too many lubrication oil on the gelatin ribbon, it brings effects on softgel drying, longer drying time in tumbler dryer and drying tray would be required. Sure because there is lubrication oil on the gelatin ribbon, I.E. softgel shell during the encapsulation, drying can be higher efficiency with oil absorption cloth in tumbler dryer, this oil absorption cloth with better performance of oil absorption can help a lot for drying process, it helps softgel shape dried without oil on surface. Or another process of polishing softgel will be required. 
  • Increase the production cost, some operators have the habit to adjust bigger lubrication oil on gelatin ribbon, yes this can help for easier operation on softgel encapsulation, on the current background of much higher raw material cost, the consumption amount of lubrication oil per shift and per month accumulated is also a not small cost. 



Often change the lubrication oil roller can improve a lot on the softgel production, especially on the softgel production that more rely on skilled operator even its servo softgel encapsulation machine. Its quite small cost for part of lubrication oil roller, even though, its manufacturing has technnical requirement too, it is necessary as above photos to have the lubrication oil roller same width on whole circle. 


For supporting softgel manufacturers the better softgel production, SEC has been also developing some  replacement parts with very good feedback from domestic and overseas both for example the oil absorption cloth, lubrication oil roller, heater cartridge for injection wedge segment and spreader box, spreader box with gelatin mass consumption saving, die roll set with various design, less friction of softgel fill pump etc., manufacturing for all the world softgel machine besides our own, this is more for sharing good products, instead of selling, we are also keep improving with feedback from softgel manufacturers to hope for working together for better softgel production.


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