How to solve improve the deckle damaged seam of softgel capsule

Deckle damaged seam of softgel capsule, example appearances of softgel as following photos



Its often happening for most softgel manufacturers, and not easy to find the actual causes, there are more than single factor.


  1. 1, First and most important is if the two die roller is correct aligned. 

Each SEC manufacturing die roll has one alignment tool for checking if the two die roller is correct aligned via the front end slots. Typically that when not correct alignment of die roll, it will have problem of weak cut. When checking that softgel is mostly hanging on the net gelatin ribbon, its necessary to check if the die roller has correct alignment. Knowing to do alignment of die roll is not enough, how to do alignment and how is correct alignment shall be learned too. The best way to check if two die roller is correct alignment, its by carbon paper checking one circle of die roll rotating, to see if its same width of every pocket circle and if same deep of press mark. (SEC max seam die roll will have pocket circle not the same width but still same deep of press mark, the pocket circle of each pocket shall be consistent and even) (Same principle that correct injection timing set can help for less possibility leak, to have fill content injected earlier before softgel trailing edge sealed so to have no fill content remained on the trailing edge, enlarge the seam rate, pls refer to SEC other information).

  1. 2, Cut step of die roll pocket, if its still sharp, if its dulling

Checking softgel if its released from die roll naturally, or if its taken out by the stripper from the die roll pocket, if not, and check if the softgels are hanging on net gelatin, if the die roller is correct aligned, cut step of die roll pocket is possible dulling and not sharp, on this condition, the softgels are not normally cut during the process of two die roller rotating squeezing. There is simple way good to check if the cut step of die roll pocket is sharp or not, use the hand to touch the cut step and check if there is any feeling of needling hand, or if there is magnifier, use the magnifier to zoom in the cut step and check if any embossing or damage.



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  1. 3, Thickness of gelatin ribbon, if its bigger than cut step height.

When too thick of gelatin ribbon, if ribbont thickness is bigger than die roll pocket cut step height, the gelatin ribbon is teared off instead of cut off, and this deckle damaged seam will easily happen. This can be easily checked by measuring the cut step height (but on correct measuring or check the die roll drawing) and ribbon thickness. Mostly for all softgel die roll manufacture in the world, the die roll pocket cut step height is 1mm, different design on user demand or product feature, mostly ribbon thickness above 0.9mm will have deckle damaged seam when 1mm cut step height. This can be trailed by thinner gelatin ribbon and check if deckle damaged seam still exists. Surely this is based on correct die roll alignment and die roll cut step still sharp. 


  1. 4, By bone gelatin and when too thick of cooked gelatin mass

Gelatin mass cooked by bone gelatin is mostly more thick than skin gelatin. When softgel manufactured by bone gelatin and very thick of its gelatin mass, this cut deckle damaged seam will happen. Whether thick or thin of the gelatin mass, especially when bone gelatin, it shall check its viscosity value. For examplw 180 bloom bone gelatin, the recommended ratio of gelatin and purified water is 1:0.9, and its cooked gelatin mass viscosity is around 25000. When gelatin mass is cooked too hard (too thick), cut seam of softgel will be deckle or damaged. To solve or improve, add more purified water into the gelatin mass formula, to decrease the gelatin mass viscosity, and then trial. Or to try the skin gelatin and check if deckle damaged seam still exists.


  1. 5, Fill medicine material factor when deckle damaged seam and seam line concave to inner

Mostly there is ingredient in fill medicine material with feature of absorbing water from skin gelatin when deckle damaged seam and seam line concave to inner, once the fill medicine material absorb the water from skin gelatin, the skin gelatin will concave from the most weak location, I.E. seam line. 


  1. 6, Color agent factor of color softgel

Mostly the color agent input in gelatin mass for color softgel is water soluble. If its not water soluable, or the input ratio is too big, deckle damaged seam would happen too. The recommended input ratio of color agent is less than 1.5% of gelatin mass total amount. Or if the color agent is too thick, more input of this color agent absorbed together with the gelatin mass, it will make the skin gelatin harder too (more thick) and possible cause deckle damaged seam too.


  1. 7, Coating layer of wedge

When there is damage on coating layer of injection wedge, or some of the coating layer falling off, not smooth on the injection wedge surface, when heating on injection wedge, it will stick the gelatin ribbon and have gelatin ribbon loose and move, deckle damaged seam or not straight seam line will happen.


  1. 8, Main shaft of softgel encapsulation machine

If there are only small amount of such deckle damaged softgel happening from fresh encapsulation, and its more located from front end and back end of die roller, its possible related with the vibration of softgel machine main shaft, and big temperature difference of front end and back end of injection wedge (heating by electrical heat rod).


Replacement parts of encapsulation machine shall be checked often and changed often, in order to have higher performance and higher quality level of softgel, even though, according to SEC team experience, the more factores of various softgel manufacturers are not correct die roller alignment or die roll damage or gelatin ribbon big thickness. Welcome visiting or communication with SEC team for the better softgel production technology and machine manufactured. 


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