3.5RPM stable Veggie starch softgel encapsulation, 80% after trail seal, no-leak in tumbler dryer, drying in 24h, wedge no heat keep fill active


3.5RPM veggie starch softgel, its working on a new veggie material of batata starch, 3.5RPM stable is considered the varies fill of oil, mixture, suspension etc. and the high seal. Higher speed would mostly bring lower seal, same for fill that mixture or suspension would mostly bring lower speed. After trail seal is the poor one comparing the first lead seal.


Working with this batata starch, 3.5RPM is the stable speed, higher like 4-5RPM for normal oil is working well too, on the max seal die roll, it helps 80% rate on after trail seal, ribbon thickness 0.5mm (0.02inch) only, more important is its drying shaping in tumbler dryer no leak, drying completion in 24 hours. Because of its starch feature, no heat on wedge segment when injecting, this helps to keep the fill active composition the same, better than sea gel who requires high temperature heating on wedge segment, a lot of materials are heat sensitive. Gel mass cooking is the key for all the results of softgel, while its the simplest operation of this batata starch veggie gel comparing with all the market current starch gel material, most like the animal gelatin cooking, easier even for a new start.



There are some feedbacks for market the current main types of starch gel material, for example insoluble matter, precipitate like powder small particle on softgel surface after some time, leak in tumbler dryer, speed low wasting productivity, stick each other after some time in bottle, drying time several days, failure encapsulation on suspension etc., this batata starch gel is being researched and developed good on all these, while its still estimated with new phenomenon occurring along with more and more application of batata starch gel, its not afraid with new phenomenon and we welcome for any new because the original R and D team will be being together all the time, this is different with market others, and this original R and D team leading by Dr.Tang (professor of the university life science institute) has total around 30 doctor professor master specially focus on softgel application of starch veggie gel material, committing themselves to have veggie gel same easy working as animal gel.



CLA conjugated linoleic acid, as you konw, it would have reaction with the softgel shell, from the user actual production feedback, almost all starch veggie gel material on market are not available to even form and seal well the fresh softgel, this batata veggie gel works well.


We keep upgrading the encapsulation machine structure to be as simple as possible and as same current machine as possible, for example the veggie gel mass transfer tube is changed into high temperature resistant steel-silica hose which can be seen easily the inside gel mass and easier for cleaning.


Thank you on trust and welcome to communicate with any technical subjects



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