Can the color mixer generate bubble again in cooked gelatin mass, if color mixer is the best way for gelatin coloring?

There are a lot demand for paintball and cosmetic skin care softgel to be made into color shell, supplement and medicine too which depends on formulas, the best way to have color on softgel shell gelatin mass is by equipment color mixer, animal gelatin or veggie gelatin cooked in its melter firstly, then if the color agent is not water soluble, use the table top high shear emulsifier to thoroughly mix the color agent according to formula, input the color agent mixture into the gelatin service tank (its called holding tank or transfer tank according to user habit) to mix with cooked gelatin mass. Benefits and recommendation of this way:


  • Easy cleaning in melter tank
  • Color agent mixing evenly
  • Better coloring on gelatin mass
  • Same quality of gelatin mass for two colors on one cosmetic softgel/paintball 



A question would have from most softgel manufacturers, can the color mixer generate bubble again in the cooked gelatin mass? The answer is NO.

If the gelatin mass has done the vacuum and bubble deaeration thoroughly, no new bubble generating when color mixer mixing the cooked gelatin mass with color agent, because its mixing in the gelatin mass, no contact with air, its only physical movement. If there is bubble, it means there is bubble in the cooked gelatin mass itself, color mixer mixing only change the distribution way of the original bubbles, besides color mixer is helpful to disperse the existing bubbles in gelatin mass, expedite gathering of these existing bubbles, more helpful for its deaeration after still kept, (the principle of fluid mechanics).




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