Gelatin Melting Tank Agitator Mixing Form Comparison, single direction rotating or double direction?

The preparation of gelatin mass is actually a physical chemical process, physical process is mainly manifested that after gelatin powder is heated, gelatin molecule spacing becomes larger, changes from solid state into fluid; chemical process is manifested in gelatin helical chain reconstruction. During the reconstruction process, due to electrophoresis of gelatin molecules, water molecules will be absorbed to re-construct macromolecules, gelatin molecules is reconstructed from disordered state into ordered state at the same time. After this reconstruction process is completed, gelatin mass shows increased viscosity and improved freezing force.


Because gelatin powder is granular, there are several air cavities, and purified water contains air, when gelatin molecule is reconstructed with water molecule after being heated, it squeezes the air out, there are a large number of pinhole-shaped bubbles in gelatin mass before defoaming. The common practice in the industry is vacuum defoaming. When pressure difference of internal and external of bubble exceeds its surface tension, it ruptures naturally, thus eliminating bubbles in gelatin mass and improving the quality of gelatin mass.



It can be seen that the mixing form of gelatin meting tank must have two characteristics: firstly, it is conducive to the reconstruction of gelatin macromolecules (peptide chains); secondly, it is conducive to the rapid rise of fine bubbles to vacuum interface, constantly expanding, the bubble wall continues to become thinner until pressure difference between internal and external of bubble exceeds the surface tension and ruptures.


Based on the above reasons and the use of two mixing forms in the actual gelatin melting in XX company, we have come up with the following comparison table:


Mixing form comparison


item/Mixing form

Single direction

 anchor frame

Bidirectional forward and reverse

Reconstructing gelatin

Faster speed and shorter melting time

Slow speed, because forward and reverse rotation interferes with absorption process of gelatin molecules and water molecules, melting time is extended.


Can accelerate the speed of bubbles rising from bottom to vacuum interface

Not conducive to the rise of bubbles, which are subjected to additional radial downward mixing torque.

Shelf life

6-8 hours longer than the latter, with freezing force remaining the same. The mechanism is that reconstruction of gelatin chain is more complete, long and robust.

Not as good as the former. The mechanism is that gelatin chain is incomplete, short and scattered after being cut, takes longer standing time to complete reconstruction.


Small contact area with gelatin, fast cleaning, no risk of residue.

Large contact area with gelatin, slow cleaning, the risk of residue at the nesting of the two axes.


Simple structure, easy to dismount and amount.

Complex structure and time-consuming and labor waste


From comparison in the table above, it is recommended to use single direction anchor frame paddle as the mixing form for the gelatin melting tank.



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