Injection Wedge

SEC is manufacturing and supplying all spare parts for own manufactured softgel machine and auxiliary equipments, as well as other machine manufacturers in the world such as Korean, Italy, Japan, American, Canada etc., good spare parts make up the good softgel encapsulation machine, also for user's higher performance machine operation. 






SEC is manufacturing distribution plate and injection wedge separately without the die roller, for user's any source of softgel main encapsulation machine, user only require to measure several datas according to our instructions which are easy and simpel to do, no need for user to send the original/old sample by courier, save the cost and make the purchase easier but more accurate part product. 


Injection wedge from SEC has the most precision in the world, currently longest injection wedge is 320mm length and width 120mm from Korea manufacturer model 880R, its radian precision from SEC manufactured for the part's end user can be well controlled within 0.05mm.


Various types injection wedge, specially for:

  • Suspension material wedge
  • High viscosity paste material wedge
  • Pure oil material wedge
  • Constant temperature SEC patent wedge
  • Aluminum wedge
  • Water circulation wedge
  • Electric heating wedge
  • Wedge recoating
  • Vegetable tapioca starch softgel wedge



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