Tumbler Polisher



  • Size of each tumbler: tumbler size ∅580x900mm
  • Power source specification: tumbler every basket 1.3Kw
  • Main motor power: tumbler anti-explosion motor 550W; every basket 1 motor.
  • Blower power: 

            tumbler dry blower power 290W, anti-explosion;
            every basket tumbler 2 blowers; 
            softgel conveying blower power 750W/piece.

  • Power source 3 phases, 380V, 50Hz, 5 lines mode / 200V 60Hz
  • Tumbler line screen material SS316L, terminal lid material HDPE
  • Tumbler capacity around 50kg (every basket), air amount is max 3800m3/h (1900m3/h x 2)
  • Tumbler speed adjusting is inverter speed adjusting way, every basket tumbler has one inverter, variable frequency speed adjusting 18-45RPM.
  • Outline dimension of every basket tumbler is 1000x1173x1885mm, 1000 is length.
  • Electric control: Independent anti-explosion control cabinet to control, with PLC and touch screen.
  • With clamps to fix clothes, clothes are for cleaning and polishing of soft capsules.


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