Three Roller Material Preparation Machine

This three roller milling machine is widely used in pharmaceutical and supplement material preparation, CNT, high value metal paste, new ceramic material, electronics conductive paste, cosmetic, pigment, solar pasty etc.


  • DYS hydraulic three roller milling machine is a new one that suitable for various viscosity material. Its cooling effect of this series of machine is more than triple than traditional hydraulic three roller milling machine, it can make the speed of milling roller operation at higher speed, max speed can be more than 600RPM, to meet the requirement from user for high shear forces and high productivity.
  • The roller is driven by hydraulic system, machine high precision gap adjustment device can be customized according to user’s requirement.
  • This series three roller milling machine has PLC human-machine interface control system, it can remotely connect with ERP.
  • Explosion-proof function is optional, roller material is made by super alloy steel good for food and medicine application, machine body full frame made by stainless steel 304, its equipped with inverter control, level sensor, hydraulic system, control panel and PLC.
  • Hydraulic station made in Taiwan, hydraulic joints from USA Parker, precision seamless tube from Germany BENTELER ensure the system stability.
  • PLC system from Germany Siemens makes the product controlling more accurately.
  • Roller pressure and roller gap can be controlled, to realize the stable and consistent product quality.
  • The product that adopts manual gap adjustment way to have production, it can be processed in low roller pressure range and without human influenced.
  • No metal contamination type and super-cooling type.
  • Multiple safety monitoring and protection systems.
  • Block plate is made by Polymerized ethylene food grade. Machine has stainless steel 304 protection cover.
  • It has the imported hydraulic module, real hydraulic three roller mill, with Italy imported hydraulic connector, handle type hydraulic adjustment which is the real hydraulic control.
  • Three rollers can be independently adjusted its water inlet, with temperature probe and digital display.
  • With independent electric cabinet and emergency stop button, user can arrange remote control by themselves according to user’s site condition.
  • Cooling: equipped with electromagnetic valve automatic adjust water temperature.


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