Softgel Printing Machine

Soft Capsule printing machine (Available to customize for hard capsule, soft capsule and pill tablet)    

Application: It is widely used axial printing for different specification and size of soft capsule, hard capsule and pill tablet (including the abnormal shape). 


This equipment is the typical and matured product popular in market for printing on hard capsule, soft capsule, tablet, candy etc., it has advantages of fast speed printing, high quality, and strong adaptability performance various varieties, widely used in each capsule and tablet manufacture companies. 


Its body design new and beautiful, reasonable arrangement, external shell is mirror stainless steel material, comply with GMP standard of pharmaceutical machines, it’s the ideal machine for domestic and worldwide axial printing for soft capsule, hard capsule and pill tablet for medicine and supplement etc. industries.



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  • Adjustable speed by variable frequency speed controller;
  • Stable performance, simple operation;
  • Small physical size, low noise;
  • Gravure transfer printing, printing clear and high quality;
  • Strong adaptability to various varieties.

Main Parameters

  • Max Capacity: 

              Soft capsule: 40,000 capsules/hour when fill weight 1000mg; 
              Empty hard capsule: 00#-5#, 45,000 capsules/hour;
              Filled hard capsule: 00#-5#, 50,000 capsules/hour;
              Pill tablet: Dia 3mm, 80,000 pills/hour; 
                             Dia 6mm, 60,000 pills/hour;
                             Dia 12mm, 50,000 pills/hour.

  • Weight: 150kgs
  • Outline dimension: 910x560x650mm
  • Power source: AC 220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz
  • Motor power: 0.25Kw
  • Air pressure: No more than 0.6Mpa


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