Sealing Rate Microscope Tester

Microscope with its software for easy install on the computer, its important and necessary for every softgel manufacturer to test sealing rate after new encapsulation from die roll encapsulation machine, and after drying from tumbler dryer, after fully dried from drying tray, after finished products etc., to observe and track the softgel sealing rate on every process, and know how to better improve and control the encapsulated softgel quality.




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The microscope and its software is for international users, its small cost but with 28 main international languages for choices, easy to choose and operate. Its installation is very simple as normal. There are many types microscope in the market or from the microscope manufacturer, its almost impossible or not clear for these selling or manufacturing end to know which one is good for softgel sealing rate testing. 


At the same time, how to take the softgel, which part and which location of softgel should be tested, this is konw-how, how to make the softgel sealing rate test, its important to get the final correct testing datas.





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