Gelatin Melting Tank

This gelatin melting equipment is a type of stainless steel vacuum tank, it is three layer jacketed structure, heating by electric or water circulation for choices, with right installation arrangement for smart production. Its first process of softgel encapsulation production.

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  • This equipment belongs to the soft and hard capsule medicine supplement technology area, its the special supporting equipment for capsule gelatin melting, material preparation, vacuum, condensation etc. production technics process.
  • This equipmetn adopts water batch single machine multi layers distribution stirring aseembly, compact structure, stable transmission, working performance stable.
  • Stirring assembly adopts looper coupling to connect, its composed of forward rotary multi layers distribution type stirring paddle, stirring transmission smooth, good emulsification effect. Whole is well made by high quality stainless steel.
  • Tank body adopts inner body, heating layer, insulation layer etc. close type three layers structure. Stirring assembly is composed of coupling connection type stirring paddle to rotate, human hole (material inlet) fast open fast installation type, top devices of tank is composed of temperature meter, vacuum meter, safety valve etc. meters to observe and control.
  • This equipment has advantages of fast heating, strong constant temperature performance, vacuum performance stable, operation smooth and stable, whole inner and external bright and smooth, convenient assemble and disassemble and maintenance and cleaning, available to expedite speed of gelatin melting, increase liquid medium of gelatin liquid, stable gelatin liquid emusification etc., its the special supporting equipment for gelatin melting, material preparation, vacuum stirring, emulsification in soft and hard capsule medicine supplement industries.






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