Softgel Inspection Machine

Softgel inspection table machine, for people manually inspect finished softgel capsule, with light under the tempering glass, all machine are made by high quality stainless steel 316L, size options for one people and two peoples both, with round edge treated, smooth surface, no damage to surface, comply with the pharmaceutical medicine and food supplement GMP requirements, its the ideal machine to inspect quality problem of batch softgel manually.



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Instead of this manual working mode, there is same function machine with automatic working mode. Comparing with the automatic working mode, automatic one can have quicker inspection while its output yield is low because of its inspection principle is on photo image of qualified softgel, high equipment cost which is not very valuable on this function. Because the key of softgel encapsulation production is to improve and control the good quality softgel as more as possible per batch during production, to have higher finished product qualified rate. Some users even don't have this inspection process, or easy working on this process only by manual inspection.



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