Super Servo SEC-906HS High Speed Softgel Machine

New generation die roller type soft gelatin capsule encapsulation machine SEC-906HS, its the super servo system high speed full automatic intelligent mode, different with the world all current servo system, its brand new servo motor and control system, making SEC-906HS soft capsule encapsulation machine easily to realize the high speed encapsulation soft capsules. Its recognized as the current world highest speed/biggest capacity softgel encapsulation machine and the most stable servo system machine. 



Photo as above is reference of the scale and dimension impression.


  • The servo control motor of die roller main shaft, no reducer anymore, thoroughly eliminate the problem of die roller zero injection timing error (injection timing malposition), happening on most servo softgel machine that currently on market, during the high speed softgel encapsulation, which is caused by the gap existing at reducer and gear insufficient torsional stiffness. 


  • By using the Germany Beckhoff special customized control system, this system is widely used for the high level stage machinery control system, more stable, more reliable, and more intelligent.


  • Medicine material filling pump is by no impacting pump mode, its noise is very very small, and longer service on parts, the most advantage of no impacting is, equipment vibration is almost eliminated, creating very good basic for the high speed stable production.


  • Die roll set formula cards function, after normal use die roll set installed, it can call the datas, automatic do and align injection timing.


  • Automatic correct the wedge location of medicine material injection, with function of manual fine adjustment.


  • Fill weight online digital adjusting.​​​​​​​


  • Gelatin ribbon thickness online digital adjusting, automatic track (monitoring and adjustment), no need people manually intervene.


  • Die roller dimension: Φ150mm x 254mm (Φ6" x 10")


  • Die roller rotary speed: 1-14RPM

Oval 10, fill weight 0.5-0.55cc, stable capacity 336,960 capsules per hour, on normal oil fill.

Oblong 20, fill weight 0.95-1.55cc, stable capacity 207,360 capsules per hour, on nomral oil fill. 


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