Shell Moisture Tester

Softgel moisture testing, water content of softgel shell, its the important factor of whether softgel is good drying and quality standard, some country requires hardness instead of water content. Its the necessary testing equipment for softgel manufacturer, more than 1 set is required for one softgel manufacturer according to their demand.

This rapid moisture water content testing equipment, is the most practical, precision and suitable equipment for testing the softgel shell water content, for animal softgel and veggie softgel both.

It is recommended to have software in CD attached together with equipment, software in full English and available to install in computer of all windows system, no printing function directly from the moisture tester, while all testing datas in software of computer can be printed well from computer. Part image of this software for testing datas curves as below reference.


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Parameters of model CS-002 Softgel shell water content moisture rapid testing equipment:

  • Weighing range: 0.001g - 210.000g
  • Moisture water content measuring range: 0.01% - 100%
  • Solid content measuring range: 100 - 0.01%
  • Testing model: automatic, timing, ladder timing, ladder automatic 
  • Screen data storage: 100 units of testing datas
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1
  • Weights grade: F1
  • Calibration mode: 3 types
  • Heating temperature range: -250.0
  • Temperature accurate value: 0.1
  • Heating way: molecular source



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