Tabletop High Shear Emulsifier

This tabletop high shear homogeneous emulsifying mixing machine can be put for lab use, or for bulk production supporting equipment, the available handling capacity is 0-50L, it can correctly complete the production simulation from small trial to bulk production, providing the accordance to test the production technics and correct selection bulk production equipment. It has functions of high rotary speed of motor, inverter speed adjusting, digital display and electrical lift up and down etc., it has the functions of high shear homogenerous emulsifying, material treated highly qualified and satisfied, especially for preparation mixing of softgel suspension fill, its the ideal important supporting equipment.



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  1. Electrical control of lift up and down with electric control box and emergency stop.
  2. Working head handling capacity: 0-50L
  3. Power: 1500W
  4. Power source: 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
  5. Viscosity: 8000CP
  6. Rotary speed range: 300-6000RPM
  7. Control type: variable frequency speed control
  8. Display: digital display
  9. Product contact part: SUS316L
  10. Shaft sleeve material: PTFE
  11. Working head: 90BC
  12. Protection level: IP54
  13. Inverter: SEC standard
  14. Overload protection: included.



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