Softgel Washing Machine

Softgel Vertical Full automatic washing machine, every softgel complete in alcohol washing thoroughly, ideal for the medicine softgel manufacturing support equipment.



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  1. SEC patent product, with explosion proof touch screen, 5 levels operation mode with each password.
  2. Washing interface with the automatic working and manual jog, parameter setting of alcohol change time, pipe empty discharge time delay and alcohol level in place time delay, user management, current shift record of operator name, start time, complete time, softgel washing consumption time second, weight of this times softgel washing kg, softgel washing efficient kg/h, total alcohol change times, available for printing, alarm record, softgel feed start or complete.
  3. Feeding softgel onto machine can be manual or automatic, its recommended to be automatic feeding, decided by user, extra automatic feeding machine should be purchased and its not included in this offer. 
  4. Process clear, design simple, safety and reliable.
  5. Alcohol use in circulation, small consumption, low production cost.
  6. First times cleaning and second times spraying are combined in use, softgel washing more thoroughly.
  7. Washing main machine full closed, negative pressure absorbing air, alcohol concentration inside room not excess the standard.
  8. Softgel going up to the outlet, surface alcohol volatilized well, it can be directly used, or to equip one basket of explosion proof tumbler dryer with air blowing to help.
  9. Full process automatic, high efficiency of softgel washing, save the labor cost and auxiliary equipment, well meet the medicine supplement GMP requirement.




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