Intelligent Inspection Machine

Quality problems on finished softgel after drying could not be all improved during encapsulation softgel production, a lot of factors for example, limit of softgel operation, technics process setting not well, gelatin cooking not well etc., mostly the quality problems would be:

  • Softgel size difference
  • Two ends of softgel different size
  • Empty or less fill material amount
  • Twins softgel
  • Dirt on softgel
  • Hair on softgel
  • Broken softgel
  • Bubbles in softgel

SEC automatic sorting machine can only sort out the unqualified size of softgel, any quality that related with size can be sorted out, for example when fill is not enough, size is unqualified too. Even these quality problems can be mostly improved during encapsulation setting or process adjusting, unqualified sizes are still the main condition, each quality problems would happen because of different shift operator working etc.



One machine available to inspect and sort all of above mentioned quality problems, that is the full automatic softgel intelligent inspection machine, video showing the working of this machine 1st generation, currently this machine has been upgraded into its 2nd generation, inspecting capability and accuracy are both more than expection of softgel manufacturers. 



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