• Softgel machine Repair

    Do your aligned injecting timing going wrongly after several hours running? Do you gelatin ribbon left and right side going synchronized? Do your filling pump have leakage or poor filling precision...


    There is smart but simple way of daily checking in minutes for mechanical engineer to see if any repair is required. Repair is mostly on the gear box, filling pump, structure under the filling pump whole, gelatin ribbon drum, die roll shaft etc., its even only related to a bearing or a gear if problem is found.  

  • Softgel machine Renew

    Renew old softgel encapsulation, its the best way to save cost and realize new technology by higher yield and better quality softgel on the current machine.


    Typical cases of heavy repair renew as required by users: SS100 from year 2002 is realized both animal and tapioca starch softgel production; domestic 150x250mm machine is realized fish twist off softgel 4RPM production; GB6 from year 2005 is realized stable 5.5RPM animal gelatin fish oil softgel...

  • Parts Repair

    Parts means the spare and easy damage parts, in SEC's manufacture facility of parts, we provide repairing at the same time. Typical case is the injection wedge recoating; die roller slight damage etc.


    Sand blasting by our special process on the damaged die roller mostly have magical function and let the roller again well running. There is standard damaged depth in datas to see if it can be well repaired. SEC always provide a complete and convincing repair report  with smart solution.