Installation Commissioning Services

Training Services

SEC supports training for both own new manufactured and other source old softgel machine.

SEC supports it for our new manufactured softgel machine on customer’s own softgel formula, instead of parrafil oil.

SEC supports the GMP validation from documentation, technical and rich experience.

GMP Validation Services

SEC manufactures and stocks most easy damaged parts for all the world source softgel machines, and technical guidance.

Maintenance Services

SEC supports whole set documentation in English, detail and easy understanding, good for certification GMP, ISO etc.

Documentation Services

SEC supports machine model selection, workshop proper design, and technical services for all questions during softgel production.

Model, Design, Technical Services

Technical support is providing together with delivery of our own manufactured equipments, also for user's current existing equipments from the other manufacturer.


For soft capsule manufacture, its complete different with solid dosage form manufacture, experienced users know well that how to make production and process control is more important than the equpiment itself. Each process step from material preparation, gelatin melting, filling encapsulation, drying, to inspection and packing varies from the softgel formula. Every softgel manufacturer would have some large or small questions on daily softgel production no matter if the manufacturer has dacades years history or several years new. Its always better for alll softgel manufacturer to work together with SEC team who is specially good at the technical support.


On the advantage background of most China market where has almost all the possible softgel formulas in the world, plus the most hard encapsulated herbal powder and chinese medicine formula, in the past over 30 years accumulated experiences and skills, SEC is supporting the customers well solved: air bubbles in softgel, leakage in encapsulation, black spot, leakage in blister/bottle packing after on the market, different size on softgel two ends, successful production on high viscosity suspension fill etc. on pharmaceutical, supplement, cosmetic and paintball industries. Its the better idea to control quality well from start to each steps production and make potential quality problems as less as possible, with target to have no appearance test.