Softgel Hardness Tester

Softgel hardness, and softgel shell water content, they are the important factors for deciding whether softgel drying is good, hardness and shell water content are using according to each country rule, for example China, softgel shell water content is the main one. Softgel hardness is one of the main factors of softgel quality, more than 1 set of this hardness tester are mostly required by one softgel manufacturer on their demand.



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This hardness tester is originally design for testing hardness of rubber etc., and most softgel manufacturers in China mainland use this one for hardness testing of finished softgel, which is accurate and praticable, its the economical one, different with the Germany one which is specially designed for softgel hardness, while with cost around 20 times more. User can consider on their own condition and budget to consider this economical but practical well using on its result.



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